Break the cycle of pain.

Retrain your muscles.

Support a functionally healthy jaw.

The Intelligent Body TMJ Program will help relieve your pain within days.


The TMJ Program

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The TMJ Program

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The Intelligent Body®: The TMJ Program

The TMJ Audio CD program, created by Dr. Frank Wildman, teaches gentle, specific, and ingenious movements to reverse longstanding tension and tightness in the jaw, face, neck and upper back. This CD program contains six movement lessons in total. Cost: $16.95

Other Feldenkrais Products

The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement


This very timely and indispensable book provides common sense lessons to connect the mind and body through movement. Whether you're an athlete, performing artist, professional or health care worker, The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement from Frank Wildman Ph.D. will help you work and live with greater ease. Cost: $16.95

The Intelligent Body®


This comprehensive course features a thorough introduction to Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Dr. Wildman explains how to improve posture, flexibility, and balance. He provides numerous exercises for deep relaxation of chronic stiff muscles. Special attention is paid to the use of lower back and neck, as well as achieving better balance. 24 movement lessons. Cost: $189.00

The Intelligent Body®: Improving with Age


This is a wonderful series for seniors and the older body. It is the first Feldenkrais series to focus on physical therapy and gerontology. Frank Wildman, PhD, shows how to gain greater freedom of movement, alleviate pain, restore functional flexibility, and attain more pleasure from daily life. The exercises demonstrate how the primary difference between feeling old and feeling young is how effortlessly we move. Nine movement lessons. Cost: $190.00

Your Brain as the Core™ of Strength and Stability
Brain as the Core

Whether you participate in strength training, dance, Pilates, yoga or martial arts or you just want to move with more ease and stability, this workshop will teach you how to identify, feel and use the core muscles far beyond any movement modality in existence today.

The first part of the training contains Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, and shows how they can be used hands-on in Part Two.

This Functional Integration® (FI) Master Class is both the next step for practitioners who have been successfully working for several years, as well as a first step for those seeking a direction in their practice with themselves and their clients.

The series can be purchased altogether, or as two separate parts: Part I and Part II. Cost: $260.00