Break the cycle of pain.

Retrain your muscles.

Support a functionally healthy jaw.

The Intelligent Body TMJ Program will help relieve your pain within days.


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Testimonials for the TMJ Program

... extremely helpful, easy to follow ~ Joan Dacey

Great relief from pain and muscle tension, has a relaxing effect on my whole body. ~ Cheryl Chapin

Keep up the good work – this is much easier to do than get $6,000 worth of braces or dental work. ~ Frances Delucia

The TMJ [CD] is a real gem, it helped to alleviate the tension in my jaw. ~ Ione Martin

I have referred many of my massage clients to your web site and informed them of the benefits of the classes, book and [CDs]. ~ Lori Cappa

Definetely improved my TMJ symptoms. At first I used it about 5 times a week for about 2 month[s]. Now I use the movements learned from the [lessons] spontaneously whenever I feel my jaw tighten. I use the [lessons] before and after going to the dentist – he has used Feldenkrais himself. ~ Marcia Clark

The TMJ [CD] was an “Aha” moment in my life. I had suffered from really bad headaches and migraines for years and had used every known therapy and cure to help but to no avail. When I used the [CD], I experienced enormous relief and since then no more headaches.

My mother who had a stroke did the lessons and her mouth which was affected by the stroke completely returned to its normal position. I was excited to see this but my mother was more excited by the relief she received in her upper back and shoulders. ~ O-sel Nyima

It helped a lot. ~ Patricia Stewart

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